Diseño de Eco-empaques

Electronic devices like computer mouse, USB drive, and more are normally packed in plastic, which is obviously not safe to the environment. To eliminate this practice and help save the earth, packaging design student Emilie has created an eco-friendly and stylish packaging design for our electronic gadget made from corrugated cardboard. Aside from being eco-friendly, this packaging design is also very user friendly. With the plastic packaging, chances are, you might cut fingers while opening, unlike with this cardboard packaging that is so easy to tear. I assume, with the great and ergonomic design it has, this eco-packing is also recyclable.

Que le parece?

Absolutely simple
Reasonably easy
Not straight-forward but I worked it out
I had to install extra server stuff
I had no idea and got my friend to do it
My dog ran away with the ...
Total votes: 89
First vote: Thursday, 07 June 2012
Last vote: Sunday, 30 August 2015


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